Virtual doula support

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, we are temporarily moving all our services to an online platform.

This page offers more information about our virtual birth doula and postpartum doula services.

Lucia echeri

Lucia Echeri is an Indigenous Purhepecha Full Spectrum Doula, Rebozo & Mexican Birth Practices Educator and Biochemical Engineer.


Support Context

As an indigenous community member, an immigrant, an engineer and a mother of two (one child born on either side of the US/MX border), Lucia Echeri brings a broad spectrum of experience and a multi-cultural palette of knowledge to her Clients. While each person’s support and offerings will vary based on their life and situation, the goal of this support is to empower pregnant people to have incredible births with the best outcomes and experiences imaginable for mother and child.


Support Philosophy

Lucia Echeri provides support that both honors the indigenous Purhepecha Community where she was born and raised, and her background in science and western-academia. Her care plans use influences of traditional indigenous remedies such as frio/calor, herbs, fajas and cuarentena while also using her understanding of physiology, psychology and nutritional needs to best care for her clients.




Full-Spectrum Doula // Post-Partum Specialist

lucia echeri

Birth and labor are natural processes that are disrupted by the way we live our lives today. As a birth worker, my goal is to restore, reclaim and empower people in these processes through mexican traditional care.


Pregnancy Support, Birth Plan and Self-Care Empowerment

Postpartum Mexicano

Traditional Indigenous Mexican Postpartum care rooted in Purhepecha Traditional Medicine

Full-Spectrum Support

Full Pregnancy, Labor, Postpartum and Cuarentena Care and support

Lucia Echeri

All packages include a free initial 30 minute consultation

and a 30% discount on traditional handmade Purhepecha Rebozos and Fajas


Postpartum Mexicano

All Inclusive

we are aware that these packages may not be the right fit for everyone.

 For example, if you are birthing for the first time, attempting vaginal births after C-section, high risk pregnancies, or any combination of the above. We recognize that every birth, family and the support they need is different and we would love to talk about your individual needs.

Payment plans are available on all packages. I do offer a sliding scale based on need.

Please contact me for more information.

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