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Day One – Tuesday, October 29

Guests will arrive at Morelia International Airport throughout the afternoon where they will be picked up by Echeri’s guides and transported to The Porumbo Eco-Resort to enjoy a relaxing afternoon of unpacking, meeting the resort’s owner, basking in the Michoacán sun and settling in for a large dinner prepared by our hosts at the Porumbo resort. After dinner, we will formally welcome the group at a bonfire and drinks before heading our separate ways off to bed.

Items of note: travelers arriving early in the day may be offered a drive & snack in downtown Morelia, a beautiful, bustling city older than the United States!

Day Two – Wednesday, October 30

Travelers will awaken to the dew & botanical beauty that is Michoacán and particularly within the Porumbo resort during the end of the long dry summer in south-central Mexico. After eating breakfast at Porumbo, we will pack our day packs and depart for Ucasanastacua (Ucas for short) where we will rent our boat. We will travel across Lake Patzcuaro and arrive at the Island of Janitzio, and we’ll hike to the top of the hilly island, visiting the museum of history and taking a quick photo op at the top. On our way down, the group will have the option to zipline to the next island and meet up with the boat before we visit the pristine and nearly untouched island Pacanda. After a brief walking tour on Pacanda, we will stop for lunch before heading back to the boats and on with our day.


Once we get back to the mainland, we will head straight into our Mezcal tour. Mezcal, tequila’s way cooler & more delicious cousin, will guide the rest of our loop along the Lago de Patzcuaro until we arrive to the town of Opongio. In Opongio, we will join a family of Mezcaleros who have been producing the drink for over 5 generations, using only local ingredients and a can-do attitude, as they give us a guided walking tour of their production facility. After the tour, we’ll have the chance to sample some of the delicious mezcal.

After all of this, we’ll stop once more in Erongaricuaro (Eronga) on our way back to Porumbo to enjoy some phenomenal street tacos en route to getting some sleep.

Day Three – Thursday, October 31

The group will eat breakfast in Porumbo & get ready for the short & stunning hike to Karangirio (Kah-rahn-geer-ie-oh), as we begin our exploration of the origins and history of Day of the Dead within the Purhepecha people of Michoacan. After the walk, we will meet with local guides in a sacred ancestral site of the Purhepecha indigenous group. We will provide a traditional offering as we enter, and then we will explore Karangirio—believed to be the first evidence of human existence in the region 4,000 years ago—and discuss the many beliefs around Purhepecha Cosmovision.  We’ll enjoy a picnic lunch at Karangirio, before hiking into Uricho.


Within the indigenous community of Uricho, travelers will join a leader of the Purhepecha community in a discussion of the origins of Day of the Dead, the significance of each aspect of a traditional Day of the Dead altar and what the tradition means to people in the pueblos. After our discussion, the group will roll-up their sleeves for the Purhepecha Culinary Experience. Working with cocineras traditionales, travelers will try their hand at cooking traditional foods, and enjoy the opportunity to meet the incredible people in the Purhepecha communities of Michoacan. After dinner, the group will have some free time to explore the town of Uricho as it begins its Day of the Dead preparations; then the group will head back to Porumbo to sleep.

Day Four – Friday, November 1

The pace of the group lightens a bit on Friday, as travelers will begin Day of the Dead preparations in order to join in the celebration. After breakfast, travelers will have free time to explore Porumbo and the surrounding trails, rest, or take care of anything else they need to before a big night! In the afternoon, the group will build their own Day of the Dead altars using what they have learned the day before in Uricho and share stories about those that they wish to remember through the celebration. After sharing stories & dinner, the group will bundle up and prepare for a big night out.

The group will travel to Arocutin and have freetime to explore the graveyard and celebration of Day of the Dead in its truest fashion. After Arocutin, night-owls are invited to continue the celebration in Tzintzuntzan, the former capitol of the Purhepecha Empire where an all-night party takes place.


Day Five – Saturday, November 2

The group will sleep in to their hearts’ content after the late night. After bopping over to Eronga for brunch, the group will travel to Tzintzuntzan to explore the archaeological site, museum and enjoy stunning panoramic views of Lake Patzcuaro. Afterwards, we’ll travel to the city of Patzcuaro for an afternoon out in one of the most beautiful Plazas in the world. Travelers will enjoy a lengthy free time in this bustling, young city to sample local fair, pick-up souvenirs, enjoy street music and phenomenal coffee, or just sit back with the pigeons in the Plaza to soak it all in. We’ll end our afternoon in Patzcuaro with a scenic & delicious dinner at the Rancho la Mesa restaurant on the hillside above the city. Travelers will pack their bags to prepare for departure and enjoy a closing bonfire at Porumbo before heading to sleep.


Day 6 – Sunday, November 3

The group will enjoy a final breakfast in Porumbo and shuttles throughout the day will return travelers to the Morelia airport as they begin their journeys home.

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