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Echeri was created in 2010 to be a part of the restoration & empowerment of the Pueblos Originarios (native peoples) and people of color in Central Mexico—focusing on POC, children, teenagers & young families through modern methodologies and ancestral wisdom. Methodologies include creative arts, cultural investigation, environmental restoration, ancestral practice restoration, uses & customs including fair trade, traditional medicine, traditional birth, natural parenting, holistic care, self-healing of traumas and the elaboration of handmade goods. Our final goal is to create a world where equity & economic development of the Pueblos Originarios and people of color will be a generator of wellbeing with a motor that is fueled by women and young people.  We are achieving our goal by organizing and working directly with the artisans and native communities in Mexico, investigating new opportunities for growth, taking this work very seriously, and not being pulled into all of the different forms of exhibitions and entertainment that the new age movement has generated. We are extremely devoted to supporting this healing & growing process until the end. We have a series of workshops where we teach our practices, question our beliefs and reclaim our power and rightful place in this world.

One of our missions is to create a fund that can give support to the creation of cooperatives and workshops to facilitate the innovation, preservation, sharing  and creation of the Pueblos Originarios, handmade goods and to create a consciousness around the appreciation and fair trade that we offer them for their knowledge; in addition to the sustainable use of their resources.  We are based in the city of Cleveland where we are working from the ground up with the values of honesty, seriousness, authenticity, professionalism, clarity & goodwill as our flag.  You can support & grow with us by joining us for one of our experiential learning trips in Mexico or workshops led in the USA. We focus on the use of the rebozo as an empowerment tool for women, traditional practices during pregnancy, and herbs as a tool for mental & physical wellbeing.

The trips that we provide are focused on cultural immersion, art, sustainability, ancestral culinary fare, environmental restoration, ecotourism & adventure travel. If you’re looking for a way to help us, but aren’t sure if a trip is right for you—check out the  Echeri Fair Trade Store to find beautiful handmade pieces, such as jewelry, decorations, textiles and rebozos. Any purchase from the Echeri Fair Trade Store directly supports an artisan in Michoacán.

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Each piece is unique. Made by hand by Mexican artisans that have preserved their knowledge generation to generation, made with love and consciousness.

Join us for one of our workshops. We want to share with you & would love for you to share with us.

Each piece is unique. Made by hand by Mexican artisans that have preserved their knowledge generation to generation, made with love and consciousness.

The most profound way that Nandi Echeri can connect different communities is by bringing their people together. Join us for an immersive experience in Mexico.

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Every one of our team members is devoted to delivering the finest possible solutions to make a change into this world. 


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