Echeri International is an active part of the healing and reclaiming process of the native communities from the turtle island, raising their voices and putting them first, which is their rightful place as the living guardians of our ancestral knowledge. 

Echeri promotes real fair trade of Arte Indigena Mexicano, focusing on the rebozo as an ancestral cloth that holds power and empowers people. We share and teach a radical and constant revolution through art, creativity, education, resilience, self-healing, ancestral wisdom, science, sustainability and abuelita medicine.

Our engines are powered by the Purhepecha community, including femmes, children, people of color, minorities and everyone that feels the need to be an ally to help in the creation of a new society and is willing to participate in this paradigm shift. We create opportunities and resources for our communities for their own development, giving them the freedom to do what’s best for them”

Rebozo Workshop

Erongaricuaro, Michoacan

Imagine a place perched 7000 feet up in the sky, but still far enough south to be warm everyday. Echeri’s love for Community got its start here. Surrounded by infinite forests, ancient traditions, massive mountains and the sweetest people you will ever meet. Whatever you’re looking for, this is where you will find it.

Purhepecha - Juchari Uinapikua

Echeri holds close ties to the Purhepecha indigenous community of Michoacan, Mexico. Their sacred traditions and immeasurable goodwill are gifts that Echeri hopes to share with the world. It’s never too late to be what you might have been.

Equity, Economic development, Sustainability, 'BE PART OF THE PICTURE'

Purhepecha Cuisine

The Instructor

Mujeres hermosas

Rebozo master and apprentice

Rebozo Classes

Mi gente Purhepecha

La Monarca

Mexican street colors

Summer in Cleveland

Esperando a las animas


Lucia Echeri

An Indigenous biochemical engineer, doula and permaculture designer. Born and raised in an indigenous county in central mexico.

Mike Woods

A Partner, Runner & Project Manager. Mike helps bring Echeri's ideas into reality. Mike is working to connect the communities of Cleveland and Eronga

Let's get connected:

Be part of the change

You can support & grow with us by joining us for one of our experiential learning trips or workshops. We provide trips focused on cultural immersion, sustainability & environmental restoration, & adventure travel. If you’re looking for a way to help us, but aren’t sure if a trip is right for you. check out the Echeri Fair Trade Store to find beautiful handmade goods. Any purchase from the Echeri Fair Trade Store directly supports an artisan in Michoacan.


On the path of freedom

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